Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tukad Balian Beach - Bali West Surf Spots

Tukad Balian Beach is a tranquility beach with dramatic panoramic view of Indian Ocean situated in Lalang Linggah Village, west part of Bali. It is well featured by the beautiful scenery, peaceful atmosphere, spectacular sunset at late afternoon and great swells that much surfers love it. The beach is one of the favorite surf spots in this island of God by offering both direction of surfing includes right and left hander. The beach is covered by the black sand stretch 1 km with sea breeze swap entire coastal area those are making it as an ideal place for relaxation. 

Suitability Surfer Experience / Pro
Direction Swell Left and Right
Beach Type Sandy and Rocky
Average of Tide 3 ft
Maximum Tide 9 ft
Tukad Balian Beach or most people call it by Balian Beach is well featured by the great swells up to 9 feet situated in the mouth of Balian River, 2 hours drive from Kuta. It has long swells and powerful that will give you more challenges on surfing adventure. You have to pay attention against the river water flow that might pull you out to the sea and also wild shark some time appear running away to get the fish. It is one of the favorite surf spots that many visited by surfers every day. We recommend you to take a Surf Trip with an expert surf company that will guide you to the proper spots.
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