Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sanur Reef - Surf Spots

Sanur Reef is another great surf spot situated in the middle of sea right on the beach break and about 1 km from the sea shore. There are several surf spots available stretch along the break that we can take off from several beach includes Merta Sari Beach, Sindhu Beach, Segara Beach, Sanur Beach and Matahari Terbit. all beaches are featured buy the breathtaking view of Indian Ocean with golden sand along the coastal, the sea breeze swap through the beach area and the most romantic nuance of sunrise with Agung Mount as a backdrop. The surfers must taking the traditional boat to transfer them to the spot with an extra cost to complete the exciting surf adventure in the island of paradise.  

Suitability Surfer Beginner/Experience
Direction Swell Left and Right
Beach Type Rocky and Sandy
Average of Tide 3 ft
Maximum Tide 7 ft
Sanur Reef is one of the most favorite surf spots in Bali in particular when wet season. It is well featured by the great swell, fat and giving two directions those are all completing the surfer opportunities to experience both right either left hander. Since the beach break is a little bit far from the sea shore, we must take boat rental to get this surf spot. The best tide for surfing is middle until high tide that will give more force to slide through the swell. Sanur Reef is geographically located in east part of Bali Island that most preferable for surfing in wet season due to the wind flows from the south west. 
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