Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pererenan Beach - Canggu Spots

Pererenan Beach is a beautiful black sandy beach situated in Pererenan Village and set admits the famous surf spots in Canggu includes Berawa Beach, Echo Beach, Batu Bolong Beach and Seseh Beach. It is well featured by beautiful panoramic of Indian Ocean, peaceful atmosphere and spectacular sunset at late afternoon. It is getting famous among the surfers since it well featured by the great and powerful swells with quality swell of 3 level as well as having 3 level of difficulties. For those of you who just pick up for surfing, please be aware the waves of this beach that frequently be hollow, fast and fairly. It is having crowded in day time when the local surfers cover the spots and that reason why we suggest to take your local surfer company to guide you there to obtain the great challenging of surfing adventures.

Suitability Surfer Experience/Pro
Direction Swell Left and Right
Beach Type Rocky and Sandy
Average of Tide 3 ft
Maximum Tide 7 ft
Pererenan Beach is a tranquility beach with black sand stretch 500 meters and suitable place for both relaxation and surfing. The swells offers you the change to take by long left and sort right hander and some occasions sliding through barrel.
Best Time for Surfing.
This surf spot is ideally for experience and pro surfers and the best for surfing time is when middle tide and high tide. Meanwhile you can go for surfing all year around with best season is on dry season.  
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