Sunday, December 15, 2013

Keramas Beach - World Class Surf Spots

Keramas Beach is a famous black sandy beach situated in Keramas Village, about 25 minutes away from Denpasar City to the east side and it well featured by the great waves that surfers love it. It is blessed by the breathtaking view of Indian Ocean with Nusa Penida Island just a cross from the seashore. It is also a favorite place for relaxation where most of the tourist come to visit from the local people who has been captivated from the beauty of beach with peaceful atmosphere surround it. Keramas Beach is well known and famous among the surfers since it is featured by the powerful and hollow swells that make it one of the world class surf spots in Bali.

Suitability Surfer Experience/Pro
Direction Swell Right
Beach Type Reef and Sandy
Average of Tide 4 ft
Maximum Tide 10 ft
Keramas Beach is a world class surf spot in Bali where the international surf competition frequently conducted on this site. The swells are great, fast and hollow where you will have great experience to slide through barrel waves. In some occasions, the most powerful waves of double swells might be happened that make it suitable for experiences up to pro surfers. When you doing surf trips in Bali, it is one of spots you should try and again the only experience surfers are recommended.  
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